Vishwas Shayari

ज़िन्दगी में तकलीफ़े इतनी थी, फिर भी हम आज हँस दिये, चेहरे कोे मेकअप करके आयने के सामने आ गए, चेहरा तो जूठ बोल गया, पर हमारी आँखे ना बोल पायी। #विश्वासशायरी गुलजार साहब स्पेशल #हैप्पी बर्थडे टू द लेजेंड🎂💐🙏🏻

Manage Your Stress Level

Hi Reader,

Basically Stress is body’s way of responding to a particular type of demand. Therefore reacting to a particular situation depends on you. Sometimes we get overloaded with too much office work and we end up saying “Oh gosh, Which task should I finish first?” Your stress level increases suddenly.

Mate, reacting to this kind of situations always depends on our way of reaction. Some of your colleagues might not get stressed due to overwork. They just do their work without any stress or without giving impulsive reaction to overwork. We can manage our stress simply by not reacting to particular situation. Keep calm and do your work. Finishing your work bit by bit is more profitable than sticking to the stress of overwork. Make sure that you do your work without reacting to remaining work. There might be deadlines for projects, but giving importance to each and every part of project is also important. For this, being stressed out is not the solution. Just finish your work bit by bit. You will end up doing good job for the day.